Digital Wallpaper For Tips :: Supporting our Local Food & Bev

Digital Wallpaper For Tips :: Supporting our Local Food & Bev

We've created five custom digital wallpapers for our close friends and family in the Food & Bev Industry here in Charleston, SC. Due to COVID-19 these establishments and workers have been either forced to close or switch to "To Go" only options, and as result the waitstaff and bartenders are suffering greatly. Unsure of how they will pay for rent, food, bills, and be able to continue to live their lives in general, we will ne donating 100% of proceeds for each wallpaper directly to that business. Early Bird Diner, Local 616, and Fat Pig Brewing Company's waitstaff and bartenders, The Sofrito Project's Reina who is a personal chef and industry worker, and Park Pizza Co. who's small team is currently offering "To Go" has requested all tips be sent via Tip Share to the local Food & Bev Community.

These establishments are close friends and supporters of The Midnight Society, and we'd love your support in helping them stay alive through these difficult times! Stay Safe Everyone!

Thanks You so much for all your support,
The Midnight Society

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