Fall 2019 Collection :: Midnight Skateboarding™

Fall 2019 Collection :: Midnight Skateboarding™

Anytime I feel like we're hitting on something bigger than us I always try to trace it back as far as I can, and back in 2017 I sent a message to our local skate shop, Continuum, here in Charleston, SC about carrying some of our gear. Charleston is an interesting place, and I feel like I grew up in multiple circles of it. I never really found myself fitting into the mold of whatever group I happened to hanging out with at the time so looking back at my teenage years and attempting to piece my personal nostalgia into The Midnight Society has always been challenging. If I look at what we've created, every capsule has some sort of personal meaning or story behind it for me, and to take on skateboards is no different.

When I was 13, I can vividly remember my old man taking me to King Street Skates in back then was not the greatest part of town. Quick Off Topic: To give you an idea of how drastic this city has changed, the location where King Street Skates was is now a sushi restaurant that offers a club scene on the weekends. Anyway, I remember being completely blown away by not only the attitude and culture of the skateboarding community, but the graphics, designs, and products. Like I said, I never fit the mold, and if I could go back to that day and look at the 13 year old kid that walked into that skate shop, I would have smirked and thought "What are you doing in here kid." It wasn't until I met one of my good friends I really understood what that community was all about.

To me, it wasn't built on being an outcast, it was built on pushing the limits. The limits of being normal, the limits of what you could physically overcome on a piece of wood with four wheels, and the limits of putting your body at risk to overcome them. I remember watching the old 411 Videos, and getting more and more excited to get out there. I kept up with skateboarding up until my early twenties, and when I moved to NYC by myself in 2006 I was constantly popping by Mishka, aNYthing, and Supreme (before they exploded) because there was something about those shops that felt like home to me. That piece of my childhood stuck with me, and like a warm blanket that draped over me I felt calm being in those spaces. 

I wasn't a great skater, and I'm still not. I appreciate it though, and to see what it's grown into now after having stepped away from it for 10 years is really mind blowing. It's crazy how enormous some of those brands got and then sold off and eventually dissolved. As a kid you don't think about the business of it, you think about the feeling it gives you. Which is why taking on the Midnight Skateboarding project was an eye opener on so many levels. I can safely say that I not only appreciate the culture and community more than ever, but the companies that have been around the longest and held strong to that mindset is by far the most impressive.

By far the most time consuming process of this venture has been the skateboards themselves. What I thought would be a simple task, turned into diving way too deep into what it takes to make a solid skateboard. The factors of wood, ply, glue, cut, and finish were the last thing on my mind. As with all our products, we had to see what we were getting before anything, and compare to what we consider a solid version of the product. The first batch was solid, seven ply Canadian maple direct from Canada, but then we saw the artwork. All of these designs are vectorized, so blurriness is not a factor, or so we thought. We scrapped them, and moved on to the next wood shop. The second batch was precisely what we were looking for, hard rock Canadian maple, seven ply, and cold pressed right here in the America. The finish though and attention to more detail that we were looking for still had to be accomplished, which led us to our third wood shop, and absolute perfect board. Skateboards aren't something we can have in a few weeks, it takes months, making the process grueling, but the outcome was incredibly worth the wait.

Piecing the rest of the collection together became an overall joy, and we fell back into our roots of what we've know here at The Midnight Society. It's with a sigh of stressful anxious relief that I'm happy to announce the launch of Midnight Skateboarding. Now with all our ducks in a row we can return back to the process of designing, with the knowledge that the product we're producing is 100% exactly what we were looking for. We can't wait to show you what we have in store for this ongoing project. As a company we're taking a new leap, and producing something functional that we find worthy of our time and design work. Thank You all for the ongoing support you've shown us with The Midnight Society, and we hope to see you all enjoying Midnight Skateboarding as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you.

- The Midnight Society


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