Community Support :: Highlighting Black Owned Businesses (Updated 06/14/20)

Community Support :: Highlighting Black Owned Businesses (Updated 06/14/20)

Note: This post will be continuously updated as we move forward.

Furthering our initiative to learn, educate, and support our local black community we’ll be highlighting black owned businesses moving forward in an ongoing series:

UPDATED (06/14/20)

Local 616 owner, Dwayne Mitchell, has been a primary fixture in the local bar scene and community here in Charleston, SC for as long as I can remember. I've known Dwayne for nearly 20 years, and had the pleasure of watching him go from "employee" to "employer" when he took on building Local 616 from the ground up. It's without a doubt that Dwayne continues to inspire so many of us here locally, and as someone I continue to look up to as a musician and business owner, I'm incredibly thankful and honored to call him one of my dearest friends. The recent pandemic has left Local 616 struggling, so last month we partnered up to create the Local 616 (Dwayngel) Mask, designed by a close friend of Dwayne’s, to help keep the lights on at our favorite local pub. While we can’t kick back and enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar with Dwayne for now, we want to do everything we can to make sure that when that time comes we still can.

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Chef Danetra from Swank Desserts in Summerville, SC offers up everything you could ever want from a dessert shop! Brownies, Macarons, Cookie Sandwiches, Brioche Doughnuts, Milkshakes, and some of the best Iced Coffee I've ever had the pleasure of consuming... It was Lavender Mocha, I mean come on! The Charleston area may be filled with delicious restaurants and culinary bombshells, but Danetra has filled the void locals have desperately wanted and needed from a local dessert shop. The atmosphere (including the amazing smells) inside Swank Desserts is incredibly warm and welcoming, and even if you get there and they're completely sold out you can't help but walk away excited that this small business is absolutely crushing it in every way. We can't recommend swinging by Swank Desserts and picking up literally anything on the menu enough, you won't be disappointed!

Click Here To Visit Swank Desserts Official Website

Original Post Date: 06/11/20

Will Smith of 123 Pins is an absolute force of creativity to be reckoned with. Will stepped into the 'Pin Game' the same time we did, and has continuously taken things to a whole new level. I've had the pleasure of working along side Will for years now, and stood in awe when his designs were picked up my Hasbro, Inc. That's not a joke, Click Here to check it out! We're continuously inspired by his passion, his clever twists on designs, and his unique products. We strongly encourage you to follow along in his journey as a business person and designer here in Charleston, SC.

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Original Post Date: 06/06/20

First up we have our good friend KJ of Black Food Friday's !! Black Food Friday’s is an incredible movement that encourages followers on Friday’s to visit black owned restaurants and share their experience. I’ve known KJ for over 10 years at this point, and I’ve continuously stood in awe of his devotion and hard work to better the community as a whole. He’s hosted countless events and initiatives over the years, and each one is more inspiring than the next.

Click Here to visit Black Food Friday's Official Website

Click Here for a list of Black Owned Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Original Post Date: 06/05/20

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