Spring 2019 Collection: Midnight Intl. Capsule

Spring 2019 Collection: Midnight Intl. Capsule

Last year we visited the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, SC to see Jackson Pollock's 'Mural' in person. This 20-foot Mural forever changed modern art by pushing the size limits and experimentation for abstract expressionism. As we strolled along the museum we both began to realize a few things. The first being that every museum we've been to has this incredibly gorgeous greyscale exterior complimented with white walls throughout the interior, just as you'd expect in any art museum. Secondly, the artist's themselves that house the walls originate from every corner of the world. We wanted to find a way for The Midnight Society to incapsulate and celebrate the concept of a modern art museum, while delivering the same level of comfort we feel when we're inside them.

The Midnight International Capsule is part of our Spring 2019 Collection, and adorns our Classic Sun Logo in Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, and English. This capsule also features some of the highest quality fabrics we've ever released. All pieces in this capsule are 20% OFF during our 72 Hour Pre Order Sale which ends on 03.11.19 at 6PM EST. We can't thank you all enough for all the incredible support this year. We would never be able to do these types of releases without you.

Thanks so much,

The Midnight Society

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