Spring 2020 Collection :: Ritual Stripe Tee

Spring 2020 Collection :: Ritual Stripe Tee

Introducing the Ritual Stripe Tee in Black/Grey! To say that we went all out on these would be an understatement. We definitely pride ourselves on quality, but the Ritual Stripe Tee is in a category of its own. Staying true to our 100% Ringspun and Combed Cotton of choice, we upgraded from screen printing to embroidery. The details end up coming in strongest on the reverse side of the embroidery, making sure the stitching didn't scratch your chest or itchy we chose a super soft cotton stabilizer to keep the embroidery from not only dropping over time but staying in place with next to skin comfort. The Ritual Stripe Tee in Black/Grey is Available Now! Thanks so much for all your ongoing support!

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