SS19 COLLECTION: Glitch Capsule

SS19 COLLECTION: Glitch Capsule

Introducing Part II of our SS19 Collection. The Glitch Capsule is a tribute to all those wavy VHS glitches you saw as a kid while gleaming into the television after the millionth watch of your favorite movie. 

It's funny, movies like The Neverending Story and The Goonies just don't seem the same without the horrible waves scratching through at the exact moment you're expecting them to. Personally I had no idea the beginning of The Neverending Story involved the young kid stealing the book from a book store because the VHS copy we had (that was of course recorded off the television) didn't have it. I just assumed it started with the Rock Biter until I was in my mid 20s. 

Here's something even crazier: I was completely under the impression The Goonies ended with the rocks blowing up in the cave followed by pure static for years and years. When I finally bought a copy of it on DVD I was blown away when they found the gems on the beach, and basically saved their homes. It's crazy how kids growing up these days will never know what a VHS Tape even is let alone watch one. Now, I'm no purest. I have friends that are obsessed with collecting VHS, and I completely understand the fascination and beauty in those old tapes.

The Glitch Capsule has been in my head for a very long time, and I'm so happy to finally see it released. It's funny with this inner struggle I'm having to remove The Midnight Society from Pop Culture, we end up creating pieces that encompass a completely different aspect of nostalgia for us. We'll miss the scratches and worn tapes of all those movies we watched as kids, and these pieces will make it so we'll never forget the good old days.

- The Midnight Society

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