SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION :: Midnight Blanks Capsule

SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION :: Midnight Blanks Capsule

We're pretty basic, so why not take our already incredibly soft tees and bare bones them... This has been a project in the back of our minds for a long time now for a handful of reasons. The Summer months in Charleston, SC can be unbearably humid, and as much as we love graphic tees there are days when it's just too hot to be wrapped up in ink (waterbased or not). Secondly, we're pretty damn basic. When it comes to lounging around the house or getting yard work done, the last thing we want to do is funk up our favorite tees. Lastly, we could think of no better way to kick off our Summer 2019 Collection than with a proper line of classic colors that work with literally anything.

The Midnight Blanks Capsule is Available Now!

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