SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION :: Midnight Freeze Capsule

SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION :: Midnight Freeze Capsule

Ice Cold Ice Cream Cones, Rocket Pops, Ice Cream Sandwiches, the list goes on and on! Summer Treats are our absolute favorite thing during the Summer months so naturally we found a way to pay tribute to all those delicious treats in one swoop. The Midnight Freeze Capsule features Tees and Tank Tops with our Triple Freeze and Flavored Drip design! The Frozen Font is a classic for Summer Pops and Tasty Treats slung from an ice box or a the back of an Ice Cream Truck. which I'm determined to own one day to sling Midnight Gear out of. The Flavored Drip design is dedicated to every sweet drip of goodness we all missed out on because the heat got to it before we did!

The Midnight Freeze Capsule is Available Now! Don't let it drip away...

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