SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION :: Midnight Honey Capsule

SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION :: Midnight Honey Capsule

Finding local honey can be tough sometimes. It’s rare the grocery store is going to have real honey that hasn’t been filtered or riddled with toxins. We began hunting out the real stuff for personal use but during the process we conjured up way too many ideas to just turn our backs on. The fact that honey is proven to help with allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, coughs, ect. made us figuring out a way to release our own a "no brainer". We thought to ourselves, “We should be offering this to everyone”. First off, who doesn't love honey? Secondly, it's delicious!

After a few weeks of cooking up some designs to build a capsule around the idea, we began working directly with a team of beekeepers upstate to jar and produce our very own Midnight Honey. We even went to extremes to make sure the entire process is organic and bee friendly, and turned around a handful of beekeepers who didn't align with our values. In the end, we're unbelievably happy to announce that our Midnight Honey is Available Now! We even buzzed out some dry goods to go with it! 

- The Midnight Society

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