Summer 2020 Collection :: TMS X Evergood Merch

Summer 2020 Collection :: TMS X Evergood Merch

When one of your closest friends asks you to collaborate on something, you don't say no, you simply ask "what and when". We had been piecing together bandanas for the coming season when we got word Evergood Merch was interested in releasing something with us (which by the way it's been a while since our last collaboration together), so we immediately started diving deep into the wild realm of Evergood's expertise. There were a few different ways we wanted to go, but when we started going back and forth about a pattern that encompasses his greatest passion we decided we couldn't look back. I'll be the first to admit we ran through a few different patterns before getting Evergood's approval on every detail, and Thank God because we probably would have botched it. 

We didn't want to stop with just one project either, so we tossed around some more ideas, and finally landed on doing a set of Key Tags for our Fictional National Park Series. For so long we held off on pursuing nods at pop culture, but I think it's safe to say you all have Evergood Merch to thank for our continuing to do so and bring back a ton of our original designs from the past!

- The Midnight Society


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