Who remember this as a kid? WELL, if you're not familiar, way back when before the internet and online shopping existed, you could send off a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to your favorite brand and in return you may (or may never) receive something in return. Typically this was in the form of stickers, buttons, etc. We thought it might be a fun project to have a SASE Campaign of our own! It's as simple as the image describes. Purchasing a couple of stamps supports the USPS as postage is their main source of revenue, and in return you'll receive a healthy mix of new and old stickers! Thanks so much for your support of USPS as well as The Midnight Society!

We look forward to receiving your letter!

- The Midnight Society


The Midnight Society®, LLC NOT responsible for SASE mail traveling through USPS, whether it's "to" or "from". This means we will not send out stickers to you if your letter did not reach us. The Midnight Society®, LLC will not provide postage for your return envelope. It is your responsibility to make sure the correct and accurate amount of postage is on BOTH envelopes (one addressed to us, and one addressed to you.) We DO NOT accept, nor are we responsible for any cash, check, or form of payment sent through USPS. If we receive any payment through our SASE campaign, this will be returned to you immediately as ALL orders must be placed through our secure checkout. As stated above: The Midnight Society®, LLC is not responsible for letters lost in the mail that contain any form of payment.

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