If you've been following along with us for a while now, you've more than likely heard us talk about The Midnight Snack Club. This project has single handedly stemmed a lot of wild ideas. A majority of which have come to life (We even did a circular beach towel once) with the designs, but a good chunk has been buried away for a later date. We're now set to release our 32nd design for this ongoing project, and I thought it might be fun to post a little backstory on how this all started, and the crazy ideas we've had along the way with it...

Back in February of 2016, a good friend of ours wanted to get a HUGE group together to over indulge at a local BBQ spot. Being fresh in the pin game, I was looking for any excuse to commemorate an event with a new design. My design skills were incredibly poor at the time with Natalie taking the reins on 100% of the design work. Being an incredibly busy silver smith at the time, I ended up turning to a fellow BBQ Fiend who drew up the original Mustard Dog design. We sent off to have them made to hand out to our close knit group of meat lovers, and the remaining units would result in our first Midnight Snack Club Release.

Stuffed with brisket, I sat down and thought it might be interesting to only list a small amount of the leftovers at a much cheaper price point than everything else we were selling at the time, but for only a limited window. I honestly had no idea it would spiral into what it's become now. The $5 / 24 Hour Golden Hot Dog was at it's roots a silly idea that sparked a chain reaction of ideas and products that we now consider a staple at The Midnight Society.

The Hot Dog flew out the door, and became such a coveted design that at one point we were receiving 10 to 20 emails a day asking for it to return. This was when we realized we were definitely onto something, and asked ourselves "What other junk food do we like?". A pretty simple question for me personally... ALL OF IT! We filled pages upon pages with ideas of all the foods we wanted to tackle, and slowly began crossing them off the list as the years went on. Ever so often we'd hit one that we knew we could do different variations of, but we didn't want the release to be boring. We drew up a few ideas for packaging, but knew it had to be something that made sense with the theme... Why not a miniature pastry box?

The demand for older designs was growing out of control with every new release. We were actively trying to figure out how to get those designs in the hands of so many new customers hunting them down. I can recall at one point a batch of posts being made of people in search of certain designs until finally we pulled our heads together with an idea that made sense to us. "Okay, if we're only doing 100 pieces in Gold, why not plate them differently so those who were lucky enough to snag them in gold have a unique item, and those who missed out can still pick up the design they want." Months later, after taking a lot of requests into consideration we released a batch of Midnight Snack Club Variants of the most sought after designs, a few of which we still keep actively in stock.

A lot of designs that have come out of The Snack Club have taken on a life of their own as well. For example, the original Pizza Slice design was first introduced as a 24 Hour Release, and has now morphed itself into an entire apparel capsule along side a collaboration with LA's Pizza Boyzzz as an 18K Gold Pizza Slice Charm. (Which still blows my mind to this day.) The Buttery Waffle & Sprinkle Doughnut designs have been transformed into patterns laid across leggings, socks, beach towels, backpacks, and countless other items. We've even had the Snack Club see a few collaborations now: Holy City Waffles, Early Bird Diner, and two with horror brand Cavity Colors. All of which stemmed from a simple idea that only last 24 Hours. We've even created a Midnight Snack Club Instagram account dedicated to our ridiculous love of food.

The Midnight Snack Club is perhaps the backbone to which The Midnight Society is built on. It's become a staple, ongoing project that's anticipated and anxiously awaited upon by countless customers. Now that we're on our 32nd release, we've adapted as best we can to demand by increasing the time frame from 24 Hours to 72 Hours, but rarely do they even last the time frame we give it. It's truly humbling to see an idea like this unravel before our eyes, and continue to be one of the best decisions we've made as a brand. It's funny to look back at how far this side project has come, when all we wanted to do was eat some BBQ.

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