The Midnight Society X Pizzaboyzzz™ 18K Gold Pizza Slice

The Midnight Society X Pizzaboyzzz™ 18K Gold Pizza Slice

Back in August of 2018 we teamed with LA's own Pizzaboyzzz to bake up our classic Pizza Slice design into a stunning 18K Gold Pendant and Chain. The history of the slice design goes back to the beginning of The Midnight Society, and over the years has been crafted into a barrage of unique products. We knew teaming up with Pizzaboyzzz would lead down a wild collaborative road, but we never thought of dipping our slice design in gold until the three of us started putting our heads together.

Since the original release, we've now dipped the charm in white gold and rose gold to satisfy all the hungry pizza lovers out there and their preferred platings. However, the original release has been one of our most requested products to date, and for that support we thank each and every one of you. The 18K Gold Pizza Slice Pendant & Chain is Available Now, along with a very small batch in Rose Gold, sold exclusively at and

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