TMS X Fat Pig Brewing Co. :: Midnight Pumpkin Pie Pig Pocket Tee

TMS X Fat Pig Brewing Co. :: Midnight Pumpkin Pie Pig Pocket Tee

The owner and operator of Fat Pig Brewing Co. and I have been close friends for over 20 years, which actually makes him my oldest friend, and perhaps one of my first growing up. We've both lived in different cities, had different jobs, and taken completely different paths in life yet we somehow always find a way to come together in one way or another. I personally could not be more excited to finally work side by side with him, and have both of us take the reins on what we do best with the companies we've created to collaborate in an extremely unique way.

Last week I headed over to the brewery, where he was already prepared to start brewing his side of the collaboration. I must say, I learned a lot, and even though my tasks were minimal I finally got a better idea of just how much hard work he puts into what he does every day. The past few years have proven to be very popular for the local brewing community here in Charleston. Now, I'm no professional when it comes to beer, in fact the complete opposite, but I do have some outside perspective on what I can see shaking up. A lot of these breweries are funded by investors, but not Fat Pig and for damn good reason. He answers to no one but himself, and that's exactly how he wants it.


The DIY attitude and philosophy that's implemented into Fat Pig is one of the most inspiring things I've come across. Sure, you can spray paint your logo on some sticker sheets to make DIY stickers, but try breaking down an old mortuary cooler from the bottom up, and transporting it piece by piece across town. That's the type of DIY passion that Fat Pig uses to make its brand possibly the most unique around town. It was incredibly inspiring to hear the stories of all the demons that were faced in order to get up and running. Literally drowning in seas of paperwork and city codes, fighting to turn his dreams into reality. 

We couldn't be more honored to not only have created the branding for Fat Pig, but to be able to collaborate on something that's unique for the both of us. This year has proven to be the year of consumption for us. From honey to hot sauce, we couldn't be more excited to add the Midnight Pumpkin Pie Stout to the resume! To celebrate we'll be offering our Pumpkin Pie Pig design on a collaborative pocket tee for a limited time. We know a majority of you aren't local, and with laws and regulations we're actually not able to ship any alcoholic beverage out of the state (maybe one day).

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