Winter 2019 Collection :: Anatomical Heart Capsule

Winter 2019 Collection :: Anatomical Heart Capsule

To watch what started as an art project for our friends and family grow into the brand it's become continues to be quite a shock for us. The Midnight Society at it's core was born with a community of loyal customers, and with constant feedback flowing in alongside countless, tireless hours it's become the brand we always dreamed of running. Every year I feel we're attempting to tackle something different. The first year we hit the enamel pin craze with our portrait series and nods at pop culture by continuing to pump out customer suggestions and requests. We blossomed relationships with other companies and customers that have now become close personal friends we speak with on a daily basis.

In our second year we decided to start taking bigger risks with extravagant packaging, collaborations, and a few pieces of apparel. By the end of the year, we sat down and looked over what worked and what didn't, and began to create a game plan on how to move forward. The biggest challenge was taking a step back from our sought after pop culture nods, knowing we would not only lose those customers and potential relationships, but it would require us to work even harder to grow passed it. The transition wasn't an easy one for us, and this past year proved that. 2019 was riddled with original ideas, branding, off the wall collaborations, and projects that we were truly passionate about. It wasn't all peaches and cream to make it happen though. It required even longer hours and late night's from us as a team, but it was all worth it.

We decided to wrap up 2019 by launching Midnight Skateboarding, a project we had been working on quietly, and at one point even threw on the back burner for over a year. As we grow as people and business owners so must the brand, and with the medium of enamel pins, patches, and even t-shirts restricting us from creating and growing we knew the SB line was the next step we needed to take. There's nothing more terrifying than cutting off an enormous chunk of your budget to something you have absolutely no idea is going to work or not. Luckily the response was overwhelming, and even though making the decision to build Midnight Skateboarding as a subsidiary of The Midnight Society wasn't an easy decision to make, in the end it was the right decision to make and we couldn't be happier.

As we move into 2020, we have to once again step back and see what worked, learn from our mistakes, and utilize what did work to further the brand's growth as best we can. The Midnight Society has become so much more than an art project. We've been extremely fortunate to have built a community of loyal customers we now consider friends. Having your support not only keeps us creating, but it keeps us grounded, and makes us work harder on the next project. We can't wait to show you what we have planned for the New Year! Thank You for supporting us, sticking with us through the early years of change and growth, and being a part of what we always wanted: A Midnight Family.

The Midnight Society

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