The Midnight Mixtape: 001 Winter 2018

The Midnight Mixtape: 001 Winter 2018

Trouble & Bass Records was established in 2006. Founded by Drop The Lime (Curses), Star Eyes, AC Slater, and The Captain. Dubbing themselves “Heavy Bass Champions of the World”, and they definitely lived up to the title. They released some of the heaviest hitting dance tunes, and rounded up a crew of label mates that did exactly the same. However, in 2015 they closed up shop. When I first started creating music and releasing mix tapes, they were incredibly supportive in helping spread the word, lending their extensive roster of artists to help participate in creating guest mixes for the podcast I ran at the time. I wanted to kick The Midnight Mixtape off with a tape I did back in 2015 to honor all the incredible music they help to present to the world. Even to this day their aesthetic, branding, and music inspire us here at The Midnight Society to keep pushing forward and take big risks. RIP T&B. You are missed.

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1. Bart B More, Drop The Lime & AC Slater - The Bass (Original Mix)

2. Tony Quattro - New York Anthem (Original Mix)

3. Damn Kids - Naej (Original Mix)

4. Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Foamo Remix)

5. Zombies For Money vs. Slap In The Bass - Bikes (Original Mix)

6. AC Slater - Gunplay (Original Mix)

7. Ursa Major - Low Rises (Samo Sound Boy Remix)

8. Party Crashers - 100% Trappin’ You (Original Mix) X DJ Sliink vs. Bert On Beats - RRR U (Orignal Mix)

9. Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Original Mix) X Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (TAI Remix)

10. Star Eyes - Whistle Tip (Original Mix)

11. Supra1 - Ghoster (Samo Sound Boy Remix)

12. Distal - Green Lantern (MikeQ Remix)

13. Star Eyes vs. UFO! - We Go In (Original Mix)

14. AC Slater - Little Chronic (Original Mix) X Guerilla Speakerz - Holla (Original Mix)

15. Star Eyes - Just Blood (Original Mix)

16. Deathface - Bloodrave (Original Mix) X Deathface - Bloodrave (Zombies For Money Remix)

17. Lil’ Wayne - Love Me (AC Slater & ETC!ETC! Remix)

18. Sleepyhead - Summer Lovin (Original Mix)

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