BHH Repair Kit

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There's nothing worse than being unprepared for the inevitable. The BHH Repair Kit features everything you need to keep you pushing and then some! 

Black Heart Hardware™ Repair Kit Includes:

1" Philips Hardware (BHH, Eight Pieces, Black)
88A Bushings (BHH, Two Pieces + Pivot Washers, Black)
5/16" Truck Nuts (BHH, Four Pieces, Black)
Kingpin Nuts (BHH, Two Pieces, Black)
Speed Washers (BHH, Eight Pieces, Black)
1/8" Risers (BHH, Two Pieces, Assorted Colors)
Midnight Speed Bearings (Two Pieces, Black)
Enamel Pins (Midnight SB, Three Designs)
Keychain (Midnight SB, One Design)
Stickers (Midnight SB, Nine Designs, Sticker Sheet)
Carabiner Skate Tool (Click Carabiner Co, One Piece, Black/Red)

Distributed by Black Heart Hardware™


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