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The Midnight Society (Natalie Clapp and Chris Morris) is a design team duo established in 2015 from a desire to expand and push our creativity further. Our projects are inspired by not just childhood nostalgia, but a fascination with production and love for various niche products and the communities that surround them. We strive to create something unique above all else. We proudly pour ourselves into every project with the same fortitude as the last. Both of us come from hard working and high performing creative backgrounds, and collectively we've worked closely and designed for movie and television studios, Fortune 500 companies, restaurants, brands, museums, and more.

We've taken our creative process and applied it directly to The Midnight Society’s initiative, as well as our subsidiaries. We believe in creating something that stands out amongst the rest with not only a focus on meaningful, authentic designs, but the highest quality of production to the absolute best of our ability. Over the years we have collaborated with creative artists and brands who's work and ideals fall in line with our own. We continue to push ourselves outside of our element via our brands three brands (The Midnight Society, Midnight Skateboarding, and Morris & King), as well as our ongoing client work.

Between our various projects we’ve managed to spread our creativity and specific passions out. The Midnight Society’s nostalgia driven focus allows us to tap into our passion for popular culture, be it movies, books, or television with a unique twist on each design. Midnight Skateboarding relies heavily on design work created in the early 2000s, mixed with our joint fascination for the occult, overall spooky design themes, and our love for the outcast mentality in the skateboard community. Lastly, Morris & King, a passion project that more accurately reflects our personal interest around history, comfort, and goods of the highest quality. Stemmed from both our family upbringings and childhood surroundings.


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