Bank of Midnight


In no way, shape, of form is Bank of Midnight a certified, functional banking platform and Midnight Notes are not real currency. Midnight Notes do not exist in physical form other than for promotional use. Signing Up for Bank of Midnight will create an account for you in order to keep track of your purchase history, Midnight Notes, and faster checkout. We do not have access to your account passwords. If you have lost access to the Email Account used and need to reset your password, please contact us and we will work with you from there.

The Bank of Midnight is a Loyalty Rewards Program. Every $1.00 spent will reward 10 Midnight Notes and Sign Up will reward 100 Midnight Notes. Once 500 or 1000 Midnight Notes has been reached, a code can be generated in the form of $5.00 or $10.00 to be applied to any purchase over $20. 1000 Midnight Notes can also generate a Free Shipping code that can be applied to any purchase at any amount.

We retain the right to remove Midnight Notes from your account if an item is returned to us.

In order to check your Midnight Notes Balance or redeem Midnight Notes for a code you must be signed into your account on a computer. Currently, checking balances are not accessible on mobile devices.


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