MBMBaM MXTP Collection

MBMBaM MXTP Collection

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"Between 2011 and 2015 I created a series of mixtapes based around the 'My Brother, My Brother, and Me' Podcast. I would splice together my favorite clips from the show with dance music I felt fit the theme of what the brothers were discussing. These mixtapes were a lot of fun to make, and lived on The Hell House Podcast Series I used to run before starting The Midnight Society. The past few years I've periodically received requests to make them available again, so I figured there was no better place to continue their wacky existance than right here. If you've shown an interest in these, here you go, and Thank You for enjoying them as much as I enjoyed making them. RIP Rocky Horror" - Chris 

The MBMBaM MXTP Collection

MBMBaM MXTP - Stream HERE Thanks to MBMBaM

MBMBaM MXTP IV (Candlenights)

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